In 2013, the 98” 黑洞 corrugator was installed in Mesa, AZ, producing the best quality corrugated sheets and boxes. 证明? We are AIB (FDA) and ISO 9001-2012 Quality Certified.

Arizona Corrugated Container produces stock and custom corrugated cartons, inserts and master shippers along with custom tooling, 印刷, die cutting, and on time delivery. Besides flexographic (water based) inks, ACC can supply dazzling litho-laminated boxes and displays.

In Arizona, we operate two facilities, which are only 110 miles apart, with state of the art box-making machinery. For example, a specialty folder gluer that allows us to run at high speeds, die cut boxes, 托盘, auto lock bottom boxes, 管, 和更多的.

Six die cutters and six 印刷 presses 在亚利桑那州 allow for fast set-up features, reliable quality control, and on time deliveries.

ACC Corrugator Advantages

Our Basic Corrugator Functions

  • The only 100% completely NEW corrugator 在亚利桑那州.
  • Built and installed by 黑洞, Germany, the #1 corrugator in the world.
  • Latest technology. Totally computerized. 设计ed to meet U.S. Electrical Codes, etc.
  • Able to run short & midsize orders faster with less warp than Arizona competitors.
  • ACC has the largest total corrugator facility for converting corrugated 在亚利桑那州. We own, (not lease) 150,000 sq. ft. in Mesa with a total of 300,000 sq. ft. 在亚利桑那州.
  • Our top management team has a combined total of over 100 years experience.
  • Since 2018, ACC has installed $700,000 of computerized conveyors and over $6-million in new converting machines.
  • With two (2) state-or-the-art corrugators, ACC is part of five corrugated box & display facilities.
  • 自2016年以来, ACC has installed a $700,000 computerized conveyor, making a total corrugator investment since 2013 of more than $12 million.
  • ACC runs light and heavy grade paper to produce board from 125 test (27 ECT) to 900 test (120 ECT) double wall.
  • ACC corrugated sheets have perfect flut profiles, resulting in more ECT value stacking strength - which can be as high as 40%.
  • ACC carries over $1 million in roll stock inventory with turn over every 4 to 5 weeks.
  • We do not sell our quality sheets (to make boxes) on the open market.


Our 400 foot long corrugator consists of a wet and dry end to combine three rolls (or reels) of paper to to corrugtated sheets.

The wet end of a modern corrugator starts with roll stands, 连接工具, preheaters, 一座桥, two single facers with flute changes, glue machine, and double facer with hot plates, which complete the combining process. Paper changes on the wet end are a moving caliper target. Mill liners and mediums are specific to their own paper machines. So the caliper of box converting machines is going to be different and will always need proper settings.

The dry end function receives, at speeds over 1,000 ft/min., board from the wet end going to a slitter-scorer and cross-cut with a direct-drive knife. Then the sheets are neatly stacked, ready for transfer to converting into corrugated boxes. It's software provides a detailed diagnostic of processes, controls the production schedule and status of the roll stock inventory.

To better understand our corrugator operation, why not visit and take a plant tour.
You will realize why we have the best Quality Flat – No Crush corrugated sheets 在亚利桑那州.

使: 黑洞
宽度: 98英寸
Rated Maximum Speed: 1000 feet per minute
Single facers type: Non Pressure Roll
长笛s: Singlewall E, b, c
长笛s: Doublewall 公元前,
Trim System: 剃刀切
Scoring Profiles: M-M M-F铰链
Maximum Number out 12出局 24个分数
Minimum / Maximum Slit Width 8" 96'
Minimum / Maximum Cut Length 19.12" 190"
Roll Widths on Hand 82" 92"                                           98"
Minimums: B, C, BC 长笛s 100台电脑  or 300 Lineal Feet
Minimums: E 长笛 400 Pcs                                                     or 800 Lineal Feet
Total Distance between 1st and 3rd scores must be  no less than 2.13"
长笛 BC C B E
A 12" Stack is: 45 75 100 200